PRICE DROP -- I'd like to get these items out the door.

1. Photogenic Powerlight 1250 UV (500w/s) -- $375
2. Interfit Rectangular Softbox 34x44 with adaptor ring - $75
3. Impact AC Radio Slave System - 16-channels - $50
4. Manfrotto 8-foot light stand - $50 plus $15 shipping

1-4. Everything together: $550

Thanks for looking.

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Super clean, little-used studio light equipment up for sale. Everything bought from B&H by me in 2007. Super shape, perfect working condition. I'm a little ashamed to admit how little I've used it; it's possible the flash has fired 300 or fewer times. Everything is like new. After I moved in 2008, I didn't have a convenient place to work.

1. Photogenic Powerlight 1250 UV (500w/s)
Includes wires, stand adaptors, original instructions, flash and modeling bulbs, dish and safety cover.
PRICE: $425 - shipped and insured
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2. Interfit Rectangular Softbox 34x44 with adaptor ring
(include instructions, outer and inner diffusers, adaptor ring, original carrying/storage bag
PRICE: $125 shipped
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3. Impact AC Radio Slave System - 16-channels
This has been the greatest addition ever for me. The transmitter goes on the hot show of your camera so you can move around without wires.
PRICE: $75 shipped
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4. Manfrotto 8-foot light stand.
To use a bog softbox (and who doesn't want as bog a light source as possible?), you'll need a tall sturdy stand. Hopefully you've already got one, because I wouldn't mind holding onto this one (thus the included shipping charges), but I'm putting it here for folks who want a fully working system all in one shot. If it were me, I'd add a few inexpensive umbrellas but everything else you need is here.
PRICE: $75 plus $15 shipping
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Paypal or postal money order only; North America only (Canada extra). Thanks for looking.