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My experience is that my photography is cyclical often fallow periods between projects then more intense bursts. ...

And then I'm about to move out of my own house and will have to build a temporary darkroom, that puts a damper on things as well.
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... I've learned not to beat myself up when I'm not working and look at is as "winter" when all the creativity has gone underground to regenerate and renew itself. "Spring"(new work/time to work).... always comes.
Same here. I've considered myself a "photographer" for 45 years, but there have been periods, usually months, (but once or twice measured in years), that I did nothing. Since this is no longer even a part-time profession, life often takes priority.

I, too, moved house 4 years ago, and it was a year and a half before I got the new darkroom up and running. Then, since I had spent so much time in construction, I was "sick of it" for a few months and didn't even want to go out there.

But, kick-starts come along. Many years ago, it was getting my first medium format slr. Several years ago, it was meeting other local photographers (through APUG, as a matter of fact) and getting involved in a collaborative project. Currently, it is a pending photo trip with a group that has me "practicing" almost daily with 35mm gear, so that traveling will be easier than with medium format.

Like my friend Valerie, I don't "beat myself up" if I'm not working. I mean, it's a hobby afterall ...