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This sort of follows the question on storing slides. What do people use to record the info for a print. Things like F/stop time. I guess dodging/burning. To be honest everything that's involved in not just reproducing a print but improving it. I've been just writing the basic info on the back of a test print.
Prior to development, I code my film with size, and sequence number ("119"th film of ) year ("03"), and record developer type, time and temperature. In printing, I'll keep this coding and, with the addition of a frame number (more or less coinciding with edge marking), record, in home-made table, the information associated, with notes; i.e., Film/frame#, Enlarger column height, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow fltration (even as used in printing VC black and white), and, if necssary a tiny sketch to remind me of dodging and burning.

Hmm... "everything that's involved in not just reproducing a print, but improving it...". When ...? I don't have a crystal ball, so I don't know what will work in the future ...??? Once I "improve it" I record it... I can only work with history.

I also keep "Lab Notes" -- iformation that may prove to be of interest in the future - very little of it does - but the 0.1% that does is invaluable.