I'm reviving an old thread because, well, if you've seen my other thread, you know that I've procrastinated using the JOBO for B&W development. But I'm keen on changing that if possible.

So, having read the fantastic replies here on how the cold water solenoid works on the unit, I'm thinking about just bypassing it all together and pluming in my own inlet and outlet into the base of the unit. Both inlet and outlet would have ball valves that could be turned off. For the inlet side, I would put an aquarium pump between the chiller and the JOBO. The outlet would gravity feed back down to the chiller.

In this way, I can set the temp on the chiller unit (which is very precise and stable) and turn the heater on the jobo off and just allow the chiller to control the temp of the water bath in the JOBO during the summer months.

Does this make sense, or am I trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist when I could simply develop at 75 instead of 68? I would like to have year round consistence in my negatives and have always used ice to regulate the temp when doing hand development. I have also considered plumbing the chiller into the sink for hand developing, but if I can get negatives I like out of the JOBO (yet to be decided) I would rather just go this route.