Hello, anyone, this is my first post to the Group.

With a fridge full of 35mm film that hasn't been touched in seven years sitting in my basement, and the prospects of a reasonably priced DSLR with a 24x36 mm sensor looking very dim [I can't see myself dropping over 2 kilobucks on either an EOS 6D or D600], I realized that it's time I got back to shooting some film.

Having started with a Canon FTb in 1971 that I sold to KEH in 1995 [a hard lesson in the dynamics of the used camera marketplace], I moved to Canon auto-focus as my first-line outfit. I acquired Olympus OM, Pentax and Ricoh K-mount, and Nikkormat outfits during the late 1990s, most of which I have to sell off, but never put aside my Canon EOS gear, and augmented it with a second-hand D-Rebel in 2005, but that's off-topic here, and I apologize for the digression [FWIW, I sold off the D-Rebel in less than two years, after buying a Pentax K10D for its built-in shake reduction in 2007, then wound up trading in the K10D last September on a Nikon D7000].

I have very strong CBS [Camera Buying Syndrome] as well as LBA [Lens Buying Addiction], so I found myself browsing eBay for a Nikon body that would be compatible with a lens collection that includes several Tamron, Vivitar, Tokina and Kiron lenses Bob Monaghan labelled Cult Classics on his web site, as well as a few pre-AI, AI, AI-s, Series E and non-D AF Nikkors, and came up with a Nikon FA; later, I put in a $25 bid on a Nikon N90s with battery grip and Op-Tech strap to track the auction, expecting to bet outbid just before the auction closed. Surprisingly, no one outbid me on the N90s, so it takes the title of my newest old camera, even though it's not really THAT old [I know, neither FA nor N90s goes with my pre-AI Nikkors, the pre-AI Vivitar Series 1 135mm f2.3, Spiratone Proxitel 200mm f4 and non-AI Vivitar T4 and TX pieces, but the Nikkors can be AI'd, and I found out the others can at least be mounted on later bodies without damaging their aperture ridge sensing levers - a $2 plus shipping junker Nikon EM body from eBay served as my test vessel, and provided me with a compatible battery holder for my FA and carrying strap besides, more than paying for its purchase].

BTW, both the FA and N90s are in great cosmetic and operating condition; I found a NOS replacement for the sticky original N90s back, an eyepiece for the FA, and eye cups for both.

Thanks and regards,