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Hello, anyone, this is my first post to the Group.

With a fridge full of 35mm film that hasn't been touched in seven years sitting in my basement, and the prospects of a reasonably priced DSLR with a 24x36 mm sensor looking very dim [I can't see myself dropping over 2 kilobucks on either an EOS 6D or D600], I realized that it's time I got back to shooting some film.

BTW, both the FA and N90s are in great cosmetic and operating condition; I found a NOS replacement for the sticky original N90s back, an eyepiece for the FA, and eye cups for both.
Thanks and regards,
Hi Vince,
Welcome to APUG! I bought me a Nikon F90x (= N90s in USA) two months ago and also replaced the sticky back with a new one from Nikon.
It's a wonderful camera.
So, empty that fridge and show us your results please ;-)
Nikon_F90x_top-01.jpg Nikon_F90x_front-01.jpg