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Yes, I do consider the lack of self-timer to be a mistake. Despite the increased cost, it would have been minimal.

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Not a mistake, but Pentax's decision to market a stripped-down lowest price unit to introduce beginners to the Pentax line. While I don't know Pentax's price structure, the addition of DOF preview and ST to the K1000 turns it into a KM, which differed in price by more than a minimal amount from the K1000.

The K1000 sold as well as it did for as long as it did on it's builder's reputation and recommendations of numerous old-line photography course instructors.

There certainly were competitively-priced cameras with more features available during the production run of the K1000, but I doubt any could match its well-deserved reputation for reliability [I have no doubt that most of the K1000s in use today have never had so much as a CLA, and have had multiple owners]. Ricoh's KR-5 series comes to mind as a K-mount K1000 alternative: no DOF preview or self-timer [although the KR-5 III sported both], and a vertical-blind shutter providing 1/125 sec. X-sync, but I think Ricoh cameras in general had film transport mechanism weaknesses. The various Cosina-built mechanical shutter units that wear Ricoh, Olympus, Yashica, Nikon and Vivitar nameplates are proving to be reliable units; several have been provisioned with DOF preview and/or self-timer with mirror-up [the Olympus OM2000 even has a true spot meter], and all have 1/125 sec. X-sync.

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