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You do realize there's mountains of IP and development/experience being lost if Fuji/Kodak were to ditch all of their E-6 though right? Kodak's already there - although I hope they still have the ability to remanufacture if necessary. If you like E-6, shoot it. Maybe that's the problem, not enough people shooting color, or too many people thinking "oh I'll just digital for that."
Yes, I do. But I also realize the futility of expecting the ~65,000 members of APUG to pick up the slack on the consumption side of the equation such that they would replace the billions of consumers required by Kodak/Fuji to keep their coating lines operating at any reasonable level of efficiency.

Who's got the calculator? How many times does 65,000 divide into a couple of billion? And how many times have we heard that Kodak can produce enough film product in ten seconds to supply current world demand for ten years? There is no way out of from either one of these calculations, no matter how many time the equal key is pressed.

Except perhaps to do as Mirko at ADOX is apparently trying to do. Save as much expertise and production equipment as you can, then reengineer the product down to realistically salable micro-production volumes, and have a go at it from there.

This is where the future survival of all film (and paper) lies. Unless you can figure out how to get each of those 65,000 APUG members to start buying and shooting master roll quantities of these products. And do it fast!