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Parking can be hell. Some parallel spaces are made deliberately short, so that anything the size of a delivery van will automatically get a ticket.
Lots of the parking meters are electronically rigged, so that if you even move your vehicle within the allotted time, you will still get a ticket if
it's within a radius of several blocks. SF reminds me of that old Boss Hogg TV town where they constantly moved a portable fire hydrant in front
of cars to ticket them. Another point of caution - bicycle riders in SF can be not only rude but dangerous, and sometimes think they're exempt
from basic rules of the road. So be cautious of them suddenly cutting in front of you etc. Avoid rush hour. And obviously, downtown and the
conspicuous tourist areas are a lot more difficult than the residential areas or the beach. Chinatown can be hell to find parking in - best to
use the garage. But this is largely just a matter of specific difficulties, where knots in traffic occur. A lot of the town is easy to get around in.
Why am I not surprised?