Hey Guys!

So I've done my first experiment with processing K64 as B&W

I haven't scanned them yet, but so far they look "usable".

I've done a lot of C-41 x-processing already with success.

I was able to MOSTLY clear the remjet layer but will have to work more on it next time, I had to squeegee more of it off.

This was taken shortly after it was hanging...

The base color was not expected, I'll have to figure out if there's a way to clear that, or if I've done something wrong in my process.

As its dried the base looks darker, I hope that's not a fixer issue, but it's possible by the time it dries that it won't be good anymore.

I have a few bricks of it coming from a very nice APUGer and figured it was a good day to start experimenting with what I do have left...

I'll report back after dinner with some scanned images...

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