This is a follow up to my original post. I shot and processed a roll of Kodak Profoto XL 100, and I'm deciding that, for the price, I like it. I'm most of the way through a second roll.

Without any correction, it scans with a greenish-yellow cast as someone here suggested. To compare, Superia and Portra scan with the color very close to what it should be, if not dead on. I knew better than to draw conclusions about the film itself based on this, so I picked a few frames and headed to the darkroom.

My enlargements are shown below. I scanned each print with no color correction, so as to eliminate processing variables; I think the prints "pop" a little bit more when seen in person. I've also included a screenshot of the scans so you can see what I mean about how the negatives scan.

Film: Kodak Profoto XL 100
Camera: Olympus XA2 (exposed at box speed)
Film Developer: Kodak Flexicolor
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive Type II Lustre
Paper Developer: Kodak Ektacolor
Print Scanner: Epson V500 with 'No Color Correction' set.