This can't be a unique problem.... I have THREE F100s and they all do the same thing.

Say, I have a focus point fixed in the middle. That's how I like to use all of my camera bodies. I have SINGLE SHOT focus mode selected, instead of continuous focus mode. I aim at the subject I want to focus on, press the shutter button half way down and get a positive focus lock, then move my head and camera to recompose. So far, so good.... right?

NO! At this point, 90% of the time, the body gets confused into thinking the subject moved (no, I MOVED) and enables the focus tracking then it tries to refocus. According to the manual, this is not supposed to happen. Focus tracking supposed to take place when the subject moves regardless of the mode. (continuous or single shot)

What I want instead is, for the camera body to honor my focus lock and recompose, and not refocus.

I read somewhere (may be here?) there is a menu selection to change but I cannot find it now.

Can someone please help? Oddly enough, N80 and Dxxx do not do this.