Provia 400X didn't surprised me. I thought that generally speaking film costs are getting so expensive fewer people would need fast film. I said it before but some peiople dismissed that saying 400 slides was a advantage Fuji had.

Over here in New Zealand they are asking for $32US for a roll of any slides so it's not helping. Maybe if they rip people off even for few customers maybe they make more profit than selling more at a lower price. I import film like many here but I also export to the USA for development. But checked online, $16US for a roll of Provia 400X is getting expensive even by USA standards.

As a average Joe hobbyist. I admit that film is so expensive that I am shooting fewer, more carefully. For my daily shots etc ... I am shooting digital but might consider b/w. But I have only considered Kodak and Ilford. Maybe Fuji is considering pulling out of b/w altogether. Could also be that in the print film, that they might consolidate to Superia 800 which is what they are using for disposables in Asia at least.