Hello, anyone.

I realize this should have been my first post, but I couldn't resist throwing in my $0.02 worth about my latest new old camera, and making some comments on a couple of other threads in the 35mm equipment forum before browsing over hre.

I'm a 68-year-old male retiree on the Isle of Long [aka Long Island, New York, USA], living about 100 yards from the Queens-Nassau border [New York City Line].

My first serious camera was a Canon FTb-QL in 1971; my sister was working for Pan Am [the airline] at the time, and we arranged for a co-worker of hers to come home from business trip to Hong Kong with the FTb [it had a low serial number - something like 121xxx], a 50mm f1.4 FD lens, never-ready case and strap at a cost much lower than the going price over the counter at the large NYC dealers. Later additions included a 35mm f2.0 FD and Vivitar 70-150 mm f3.8 zoom [one of the first zooms to pass Modern Photography's lens test], a Canon AE-1 body [1982], and a Sigma 28mm f2.8 Mini-Wide Macro, the Canon 133D CAT System Speedlite, and a succession of automatic, thyristor, and dedicated auto flash units of increasing output in search of adequate shoe mount flash power over the period.

The 1995 theft of the AE-1, 35mm f2 and 70-150 zoom lenses, and a medium-powered Minolta EFU combined with the imminent wedding of our son found me looking for new equipment. I decided to go to the Canon EOS system, and I wound up with an EOS Elan with second-gen 50mm f1.8 lens; by the wedding day, I had a 35-135mm f3.5-4.5 EF zoom and EZ540 Speedlite, which served me well on candids I shot during the reception.

I cashed in what was left of my Canon FD gear not long after, learning a hard lesson about the dynamics of the used camera market in the process, and began browsing the used equipment ads in Shutterbug and frequenting the NYC Camera Shows in Manhattan on a regular basis. Over the next few years, I exhibited symptoms of serious CBS [Camera Buying Syndrome] and LBA [Lens Buying Addiction], acquiring Olympus OM, Pentax and Ricoh K-mount, and Nikkormat outfits, all the while going back to the Elan for family events, vacation documentation, and such.

I went to The Dark Side in 2005 with a used D-Rebel; I think I bought it from KEH. The narrative of my adventures in digital imagery probably isn't of interest to APUG other than that several of the lenses I used previously for shooting film continued in use for digital capture, with a Pentax K10D replacing the D-Rebel in 2007 and an EOS 20D showing me an alternate solution for the camera shake issues I had with the D-Rebel in 2011. I sold the D-Rebel on eBay in 2007, and traded in the K10D, AF-540FGZ EFU and a dozen or more KAF-mount lenses over the counter at a local dealer last September for a Nikon D7000 [If I hadn't bought a second battery for the D7000, I'd have had to lay out less than $30 in cash].

Thinking about the 45 years worth of negatives and slides stashed in our basement and my camera area recently, I began reading up about scanning film, and decided to get a refurb Epson flatbed scanner [I'd tried a Canon Film Scanner several years back, but it was disconcertingly slow, the OE software wasn't compatible with my Windows Vista PC, and I knew of no updated drivers for the combination]. It didn't take more than a few transparency scans from the Epson for me to make full frame, whether 35 mm film or digital sensor, my ideal format.

I have dozens of rolls of outdated but refrigerated 35 mm transparency, color negative, C-41 and conventional monochrome film on hand, and decided that it was time to resume shooting film. A couple of eBay purchases came in with partially completed rolls, Velvia in a Nikon FA and Kodak 400 print in a Nikon N90s, each of which I finished off with so-so results. The second roll with the N90s came back from Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, KS yesterday, and the Epson scans are more like what I expected. I sent the second roll shot with the FA to Dwayne's this past Tuesday, and should get the slides on Monday. Another roll of color print film shot with my EOS Elan 7e should be coming back soon. These are the first films I've shot since mid-2006, and if this first rolll I had control over from loading to scanning is any indication, I should be getting very good results. Given the way transparency films are going out of production, I'd better shoot up these Chromes and get 'em processed PDQ.

Writing [and re-writing] this note took me more time than i expected, so I'd better close now. The APUG forums I've visited have been interesting, and I'm happy to be on board [Although at my age, I'm happy to be anywhere].

Thanks and best regards,