If you aren't happy with the F100, have you tried its older brother, the F90X (N90S in the US)? It only has a single AF point and no Dynamic AF.

ya know, the instruction manual for my Leica CL doesn't contain even one single sentence that is 1/10th as confusing as this one. Custom Function 9??? Dynamic AF mode with closest subject priority? Single Servo mode?


We're trying to take pictures here, folks, not launch the Space Shuttle.

Focus, match needle, shoot. End of story.

<Rant mode><exit>
For some types of photography all that extra stuff is there to help, as in case of Sports or fast moving subjects. For other types it can be a hindrance.
For what I do, mainly still nature, there is no need for a fast AF camera. I've been using lately the simplest of all Nikon MF SLRs, the EM and a FG when I need more manual control. They're much lighter than a F4 or F90 and do everything I ask from them.