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Well, negs are definitely dark due to the CLS layer. You need some kind of light bleach to remove this without removing the rest of the silver. Fixing comes along with bleaching in that it removes rehalogenated silver (which bleach gives you) in all cases.
Sometimes I just feel plain dumb.

I'm not a chemist and often I know for example a year ago I read and participated in such threads but didn't understand any of it.

Now I SORT of understand some. The way I learn is not the traditional way and it takes me a while I absorb it and I really need to DO it to retain it. Not a memorizer...

I don't really even know what rehalogenate means.

I'm also still confused how adding citric acid to fixer makes it a bleach. I got to talk to my dad (the chemist/physicist) and he said something about bleach might be an oxidizer of some kind and adding citric acid to a base can have different effects than adding it to an alkali and that might be why the citric acid in fixer makes it a bleach, but not having worked in chemistry for over 30 years he's forgotten a lot.

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