Regardless of what they say, I don't think Fuji(film) care about this small section of their market. I believe they are doing fine in the 'anti-aging' face cream sector, as well as leica-style digicams.

I was disappointed when they discontinued Pro160c, Reala, and now that they have 'officially' dropped Neopan 400, after putting out what I regard as disinformation to promote stock depletion, I am just disgusted.

Surely all the film-camera users that appear on Tokyo Camera Style could have helped sustain a domestic demand for a 400 speed monochrome film?

What's the point of staying with their C41 B&W and Acros? It's conflicting, to say the least.

The mis/dis/information around Neopan 400 reminds me of that 'Scumbag Steve' meme.