Well I went in today and printed some contacts. Good news and bad news. At 15 seconds, with a #3 filter I got what I thought was a good Zone V print—paper machine dried. But when I got home I saw that the photo company had started their read, one negative late—meaning they began to read on Zone I instead of Zone 0. That means that my Zone V densitometer reading was in fact 89 rather than 102.

So I was looking at the wrong frame (IV) when I decided 15 seconds was my burn time. But I think when I redo it tomorrow with increased times it will still come out pretty well. Burning one frame off i.e. burning for frame Zone IV instead of V I got nice incremental steps on my lower zones ( I, II & III). Though I wonder if I won’t loose at least Zone I with increased time. I got nice steps on Zone VI and VII and just a tiny hint on VIII.

I would guess that an increase of 3 to 4 seconds will give me the correct tone in the correct frame tomorrow and then I'll check my other frames and decide if I need to go to a #2 filter.

I’m sure I’ll get this tomorrow and I really want to thank all of you for your time and advice. Thank you very, very much.