Ugh, I feel like mold plagues me everywhere...

Just got my first 4x5 in.

It doesn't SMELL like mold like everything else I've gotten that made me cautious, but there were mold spores between the focusing screen and ground glass, which gave me pause.

I've put the body out in the sun and been rotating it to try and get all the sides etc, and taken apart the glass holder and washed it and no more mold spots... What do you think? Send it back to Japan or keep it?

It's used, eBay, PITA to ship back, but don't want to be foolish.

Looks like this ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374349097.056513.jpg

It seems to only be concentrated at the center of the ground glass and not on the edges. Again it was wedged between the two pieces and not on the outside...


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