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Always wash ground glass and fresnels with your finger tips only rubbing the fresnel in the direction of the ribs only. I use Dawn dish soap. I spray mildewed bellows with Lysol Disinfectant Spray on the inside after washing the outside down with Isopropyl Alcohol. Treat the outside of the bellows with Pledge Furniture Polish in the yellow spray can as a final step. The bees wax and lemon oil is good for vinyl and leather.
The bellows appear to be cloth based... they smell like new product, plastics etc I think, but definitely woven material, is pledge still advisable? never heard of that.. (the light block window thing does seem to be vinyl or leather and is flaking so that is old...

I've already done the damage to the fresnel, but that doesn't bother me so long as the ground glass is ok, I can always get a new piece of plastic (I assume) ... do they make split frame focus fresnels?