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That's a prize I am NOT happy to win. I dont get it. How can ONE product line for color slide film be too much for the market to bare. Provia is the last standard all purpose color slide film. Even rationalizing down to a single product line was still too much supply, not enough demand.

And why in the world did Fujifilm commit the resources to reformulate Neopan 400 and then market a launch of this product?? What a phenomenal waste.
I am really sorry. I am using a different 400 film, but for sure would be livid should this have occurred to my fav 400 b/w.

Re chromes, is there a chrome made by Rollei? Something like a 200 film? don't know much about it, I...ummm....sorry to say, don't do chromes anymore, c41 round here...sorry to have been part of the problem....