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I haven't used my F100 in a year so i dragged it out to test. I usually use CSM 4 set to disabled so I need to push the AF-ON button to engage the AF. But I just turned it off to test and my F100 is behaving how I think you want it to work when in Single mode. In Continuous mode it seems be doing what yours is. Both 9 and 10 are set to 0 on my camera. Since all your cameras do it I assume it has to be a setting.

Based on the way you are shooting it sounds like you may want to also switch to only engaging the AF with the AF-ON button. Once I did, it cut down most of my frustration with AF. I have my DLSR setup this way too.

Thank you very much for trying it out. On mine, both 9 and 10 are set to zero as well. I cannot always reproduce my problem but when it does, it's pretty consistent. It may be scene dependent that camera fails to confuse camera movement and subject movement. With single servo mode, and with [ ] showing, it tries to refocus when I recompose.

I guess Nikon firmware wasn't as advanced as ones it uses today.

Again, thank you very much for trying it out with yours.