I have filled in the survey, yes do contact me. I am situated in Sydney, Australia.

I have been running a community darkroom since 2007 (www.thinknegative.com.au) and have just expanded in January of this year. We have been building a community of darkroom users (b+w only) for years now and would love to see some support from manufacturers. I maintain the space and the whole thing was funded by me. It has though only survived as a community darkroom through dedicated users. Users need support too and so I act as an assistant and mentor where needed. All ages, all welcome.
I have public liability insurance also, no problem there.

Having said this, you can't just let anyone off the street come in and help themselves - best way to curtail this issue was/is to have an intro session and then go from there. I know many people who want to use the medium and get discouraged only because they are not taught how to use the materials properly and don't know what questions to ask~!

Thank you Ilford! Do make contact!

Enrico Scotece