I have rollei 35s, leica plastic , xa and nettar. My lab is successing to process and scan my film where camera lenses are not identifiable. I am not seeing nothing but dark ugly scans. I am too lazy to find new lab and their prices increased
%300 , I think I will have no more business with taking photographs. But studying carbon, platin, gravure, wetplate , autochrome, dye transfer , rotogravure and the diy polaroid film and the linear scanner array rotating camera idea ,
increasing the complexity of the ergonomics of camera idea, pinhole anamorphic camera idea , building my lens from acrylic , writing my lens design program, writing my photoshop plug in keep me interested in somehow.

I have lots of hobbies like going to antarctica by rowing , making my top fuel engine out of concrete or carbon , building musical instruments , building americas cup boat 6 meters long , crossing the ocean in smallest boat , learning chinese , russian , dutch , marollian , german , developing syldavian expanded dictionary , machine translate 250000 pages of empire , soviet , russian archaeology journals , translating 140 volume byzantine books etc etc

And building gamelan instrument family from plasma cut 6mm steel , making a gong , obtaing many patents etc etc