I have been reading Apug for a long time, so I've joined up.
This year I completed building my first 6X7 film camera and also started processing C41 in my basement darkroom.

I have been using K-mount 35mm since 1980, I have some Pentax digital cameras too, and a collection of Ricoh and Pentax -M slr bodies & lenses.
I have a nice 1955 Graflex 4X5 Speed Graphic but I only use it with it's RH/8 6X9 rollfilm back because that is max for my darkroom tank,enlarger and scanner.
I have a few Takumar 6X7 lenses but no body, and that is why I became interested in building metal camera bodies in my small workshop which has
a lathe and an elementary x-y mill/drill. I also machine various lens adaptors and lens boards etc out of aluminum.

This summer my rule was to "only use C41 film & nil digital" which I followed about 80% so far, and lately, with the new camera and my home developing methods improving,
that has become "only use 120 C41 film" so I can focus on getting used to the camera and learning more about that format and C41.