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First time post here, so be easy if it's in the wrong section

I was speaking to a Camera shop in Sydney Australia, who happen to sell alot of film - They said that Fuji emailed them yesterday and said that Provia 400X (all formats), Acros 100 (all formats) & Neopan 400 would no longer be available for order (or to stock even) - Now I know Australia has some different Emulsions available than other Regions (we are still getting plenty of Reala 100 [120mm] that seems to be "discontinued" everywhere else)

I've read mixed rumours around the net about Neopan 400 (35mm) having it's last batch made lately & am worried about Acros being the same.

Anyone have anymore info? I have just discovered the greatness of Fuji B&W Films
It's not "120 mm", the film is 60mm wide, 120 is a number for type of roll film, not a measurement.