Congratulations, one master roll of film base can be 51 inches width (Kodak's standard width) and a mile or more long. Your choice of analog film proved to those who risked making the master roll that one more person approves of their work. You get to vote with your money. It is what drives every corner of the economy. The coin of the realm you spend on anything is well tracked by everyone who understands that your dollar, peso, euro, pound sterling, creates jobs. Jobs which pay real wages. Economy is the money people have to spend as they like, not for required necessities of life. Enjoy your voyage in analog. We appreciate your vote of confidence in our corner of endeavor. The multitude has gone digital the same way that they went to simple cameras that were the key to Kodak's success. The market has returned to the 'serious about analog' people size. There are 3.5 times the world population as there was when mass market film began. That is a bit bigger market than Kodak and others had to work with. Don't worry about getting the start perfect... just enjoy the start and the voyage.