Come on, don't you know everyone is a collector in need of that model to complete their collection and are willing to pay beyond top dollar to get it?
Check they usually have a few bodies for reasonable prices. $200 for a body only in good condition; $400 for a body with lens in shutter that may be in need of a CLA; $600 for a body with a lens in shutter that has been recently serviced and or some accessories.

A Crown Graphic Special came with a 135mm Xenar, had Special on the lens board lock, and sold for $20 less than a Crown with a 135mm Optar when new. Ebay sellers price the Crown Graphic Special significantly higher than the regular Crown. I am not clear on whether the Xenar is a lower preforming lens than the Optar (Wollensak) or if it was offered at a lower price to Graflex as a customer getting ploy or if it was less costly to produce and import.