Could they do it?

Of course they could. It wouldn't even be a first for them.

Should they do it?

Absolutely not... right now.

Would they do it?

One of the things I've learned in life is that things almost never happen for the reasons you think or expect them to happen. Outcomes are rarely orderly and/or predictable. But conversely, things DO always happen for a reason. And when they do happen the reasons behind are often astounding in their occurrence.

So what if there were no more color film? Or even colour film? No more consumer film. No more motion picture film. Nothing. But there still remained a small but viable niche of ardent film photographers with film cameras, some available disposable income, and a yearning for the old days?

Color/colour film? They've done it before. According to Ian, they were poised to do it again in the early 80s. It looks like they even had a poster at one time. There wouldn't be any other major competition. Maybe the world economy would by then have improved. Their black & white brand and their company reputation are now the gold standard. Their customer base is so loyal and trusting that they'd probably let the company babysit their kids to free up time for Ilford color/colour photography.

I dunno'. You tell me...

Would they do it?