I paid $70 or $80 for two Speed Graphics (from the US) about 6 years ago sold as parts cameras to make one good one, only problem was when they arrived one was pre-Anniversary the other Pacemaker, no parts at all are interchageable. It appeared to have been a distasterous purchase.

However the Pre-Anniversary was modified from new as a wide angle camera and I was able to fully restore it although I left of the leatherette, I rebuilt the shutter. No costs other than some shellac (french polish) and other paints.

The Pacemaker had no shutter it had been removed the bellows were rotten, the inner rails for the focus track badly damaged, I bought two new off ebay, recovered the body after filling in the cut out for the shutter controls, patched the belows using a thin invisible mend tape, and it now looks like a Crown Graphic.

I would rebuild more if I found them, however I'm currently making a new camera based on Speed Graphic parts I bought off the LF forum, essentially a new box wider to allow a 6x17 back, I'm usinga Super Graphic front standard modified to fit which gives me far better movements on the front. I'll be posting details once I get started.