Judging by the responses you're getting here, I think you can see that film ain't dead yet.

My first thought is to talk to the lab manager in San Francisco. Rather than abandoning them since you like their work, ask the guy if there's anything he can do to speed up their return process.

Failing that, in Chicago there's Gamma Photo Lab based on East Erie Street. I use them for specialized work especially when I can pass the cost along to clients cause they're pricey. http://gammaphoto.com/ But I have to say since about 1970, they've never screwed up any of my jobs, never lost a negative, never scratched anything and always follow special instructions.

I also like Swan Photo in San Clemente California. http://www.swanphotolabs.com/swan08/ and in San Francisco http://www.oscarsphotolab.com/ and Duggal Photo Lab in New York is also top shelf with excellent turn-around times. http://duggal.com/e-6-c-41-and-bandw.aspx

One lab to avoid is Bay Photo outside of SFO in Scotts Valley CA. No bueno. Drop me a PM if you would like to know my opinion of those guys.