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I skimmed the other responses and didn't see this so my apologies of someone mentioned it, but I think it depends a lot whether we are talking about black and white or color. Color transparency is already in its death throes. Print film will last a lot longer but the selections are already down to a few, albeit wonderfully excellent, emulsions. I'd be worried about it too eventually.

Black and white is so much easier to manufacture in small lots that I am unconcerned. Besides Ilford, whom Simon called "robustly profitable" there are also small companies like Afox and Foma making good products. No worries about B&W IMHO.
I too skimmed the above statements and agree with this post, exactly.

I do not believe film color photography will last very long. Anyone who believes so is very optimisitc IMO.

Black and white emulsions on the other hand will last a very long time. Maybe not YOUR favorite film but film will still be available.