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It's good. Bear in mind it's grainy compared to a 100 slide film or compared to print film (but amazing compared to older previously available 400 slide films) and gets grainier with under exposure so exposing correctly is even more important than with other slide film. But I like it a lot. See the photo of my wife from our honeymoon on my Flickr page. I would embed it but would have to go find it from my iPhone right now and don't have time.
Yea I've already fallen in love with it, haha too bad it's over already for me, wish I could find some 120...

I've discovered I can make Kodak XX look similar to Neopan400 enough that for 35mm I'm covered, but still searching for the perfect medium speed 120 film.

I'm also sort of on to 4x5 film now and all the films I like in 120 or 35mm aren't available in 4x5 except HP5+ and Acros100.

Acros is expensive and HP5+ isn't perfect, but it is what it is. Does FP4+ push to 200 well?

Not sure I want to go delta...

Why are all the good films the ones that are always discontinued or too expensive...

Why is Acros in 4x5 so expensive when 120 is dirt cheap? Anyone know?

Did they make Neopan400 in 4x5 ever?

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