"I was able to fully restore it although I left of the leatherette"
Folmer and Schwing cameras made from 1890 through cameras made by Folmer Graphic to 1946 were covered with XXX Moroccan leather. Cameras made by Graflex from 1947 through 1973 are covered with leatherette (naugahyde).
Cameras made from 1890 through 1923? use brass hardware plated with .0005 inch silver. Cameras made after 1923? use brass hardware that is painted gray or black.
1890-1905 Folmer and Schwing Manufacturing Company
1905 purchased by Eastman Kodak
1907-1926 Folmer and Schwing Division Eastman Kodak Co.
1917-1926 Folmer-Century Division Eastman Kodak Co. but name plate may say Folmer and Schwing Division Eastman Kodak.
1926-1927 Folmer and Schwing Department Eastman Kodak Co.
1928-1944 Folmer Graflex
1945-1973 Graflex Inc.
Self owned, Division of General Precision Corp., Division of Singer Co.