I just saw this article while searching for info on converting my 1946 Anniversary Speed from spring back to graflok back.

I have a 3x4 Crown with a graflok back that I want to attach to the 1946 Anniversary Speed so that I can take advantage of roll film backs and particularly, the rear shutter on the Speed. I would put the springback on the Crown.

Do you see any problems with this idea? I recently purchased a 3x4 RFH(graflok) in great shape.
I see something about film flatness with the roll film holders for the 3x4. I've checked out the 2x3's rfh and I don't understand what they mean....they both look alike as far as rollers go. Can you help with clarifying this for me?

Another question about RFH's, since I have a number of 2x3 RF Holders(6x9, 6x7, 6x6), I was wondering why I couldn't just change the inserts and have some format masks made up so I could shoot different formats? Also was wondering if you could use 120 film in a RH 20 film holder or do you need an RH10/RH20 in order to use it. I realize 220 film is still available sometimes on ebay and I got a few rolls left I want to use.

Hoping you can help.....I'll also post this on the group, or is that where this is headed?

Thank you,

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You're correct that those are being simplified for convenience. Yes, the back will simply unscrew. I don't know about the pre-anny models, but on my 1946 Anniversary, I was able to install a 3x4 Graflok with no problem, which simplifies the use of a roll-film holder, if you can find one. For yours, 3x4 double sided holders can be found (you want the ones without the slot) and film is available from Freestyle (or you can cut down 4x5). I don't see why you couldn't remove the back, attach a piece of thin plywood or aluminum sheet with a 2x3 opening, and then attach a 2x3 graflok back.