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A while back, Simon Galley answered this very question on APUG. He said that Ilford (Harman) had no intention to enter the color film market.
That's why I said "absolutely not." Today would indeed be a horrible point in time.

But what about five years into the future, as opposed to "a while back." Things change. Changes come unexpectedly. And usually from the least expected directions. (Just ask Mr. Perez.)

How long was that recent Kodak motion picture stock contract supposed to last? How about after that expires and the theater conversions are complete and all projection is done digitally. How about then?

Or how about after the final Portra film line has eventually been discontinued and there are no other still photography color options left? How about then?

It's dangerous to assume that the world will always be exactly as it is/was at any given moment in history.