When I set up for a batch of product shots for our web site, I always tether my D7000. Makes it easy to tear off 40 or 50 shots in quick order.

Marc's comment about obsolete/unsupported software gets to the real fragility of digital: It depends on a much 'deeper' slice of our existing industrial/technological infrastructure. Trivial things like memory cards...will they be available in the required format in 20 or 30 years? Assuming you can capture an image, what can you do with it? Will PP tools 50 years hence work with RAW formats from today's Canikon cameras? Etc, etc, etc. Digital sits atop an enormous collection of accumulated technology.

Of course, analog has the same issues, if to a lesser extent. The declining variety of commercially available films demonstrates that.

None the less, my 15 yo daughter has taken an interest in my 32 yo K1000, which still works perfectly. I have no such expectation of my D7000 32 years from now.