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Those should be worth at least six or seven million. . . ! $$
Or you could look at the other extreme. 3 or the 4 Graphics I have were given to me for free, $0.00.
I have found this to be true about old photography equipment there is always someone wanting a ridiculous amount of money for a item with the Buy Now/Bid option on Ebay and no ever bids because it over priced. Then there is the group of people that say you can have it for free, local pick up only. They just want the stuff gone out of their basement or garage. I recently scored 3 Alpa 35mm bodies with their fancy German and French lens, 3 LF Graphic cameras, Kowa MF system, enlarger, lights and more, just because I was willing to remove it from their property. The old lady said."Once it leaves it doesn't come back".
As I have started up doing film photography again my goal was to set up my darkroom using only free equipment. Now I have several enlargers, bunches of trays and developing tanks. I will most likely wait till I find someone worthy and gift them a darkroom set up and hopefully help keep film photography alive.