A divorce (3 yrs ago), three 16-yr old sons, and a new girlfriend seem to limit my photography time.

But I took a walk this afternoon in our local city park (acres of redwoods, a pond, etc) and got to thinking that I'll be in Eureka for at least two more years (until the boys grad. from HS) and I have this great park that I have been ignoring -- basically because it is not as 'nice' as the national and state redwoods parks (that are ~50 miles away, north and south). So here is a place I could easily make images in -- capturing its uniquiness as a city park with old-growth redwoods and its heavier mark of man.

A couple minutes from my house by car (to haul the 11x14), I can step out side to check the weather and light and quickly head on over for just a set-up or two. Going to the state and national redwood parks tends to be an all day thing, making the drive (and gas) worthwhile.

I have been using my Rolleiflex a lot, though, on whatever trip I happen to be on. So I have scores of rolls I have not printed and about 10 rolls on hand to develop. I am giving most of them extra development (~100% more) to make little platinum prints with, some I develop to eventually make silver gelatin prints with...yeah, right. If I have time to print, it will most likely be my backlog of 8x10 and 11x14 negs in pt or carbon!

But the boys will be out of the house (in theory only) in two years, I am looking for a place to buy with studio space to make carbons, give workshops, etc. So as I hit my 60's, I hope to be able to reverse my trend of slowing down and instead increase my time spent photographing, developing and printing.