I'm sad today.

I picked up a Rolleiflex 3.5F from a fellow a couple months ago. I previously had a Rolleicord with Tessar I bought for $125 from a local shop and absolutely fell in love with it, but sadly it perished in a car accident. I decided to step up to a real Rolleiflex with a Xenotar for a significantly larger sum than my first Rollei. Condition is pretty great and the lenses look wonderful. It's been shooting like a dream.

I shot about 10 rolls through it, but haven't had time to develop until just last night. I expected solid results, but the negatives lack crispness, enough so that I noticed it with the naked eye. I had one odd roll from my old Bronica GS-1, which is a good performer, but the optics aren't as legendary as the Rollei. Those negs were noticeably sharper than any of the 10 Rollei rolls. The Rolleicord outpaced it, too, with a vengence.

For background, this includes photos taken at various apertures and focus distances, including a lot at infinity. Shutter speeds were usually 1/250 - 1/60, so nothing crazy.

So.. what gives? I don't change equipment very often and I made a leap for this camera, but now I'm disappointed. I'm not thrilled to send it off for service after buying it as a fully functional camera (with a fully functional pricetag). Too much time has passed to ask the seller about it, especially since I still trust it was sold to me in good faith.

Maybe I'm just looking for a shoulder to cry on Suggestions or consolation welcome!