Clearing out some stuff, a modge podge.

I thought I would get into shooting and re-spooling 110 and 126 film, but with my acquisition of a 4x5 I just don't have the time. I think most have un-used film and one looks to have been shot! A mystery roll?...

5 rolls 110, C-41
2 rolls 126, one C-41 the other presumably C-22?
6 110 flashbars, MOSTLY unused (see Pictires)
1 116 verichrome unshot unopened
1 616 Verichrome unshot unopened
1 616 Verichrome unknown
1 Disc 6000
1 MagicCube flash (looks like 2 out of 4 are unshot).
10 Polaroid Polacolor Print Mounts

That's it, it's to be noted that the Verichrome, this is NON pan, NON safety, it is NITRITE film.

You can either shoot it, or burn the film and re-use the backing paper/spools.

I have successfully shot the other rolls I had of the similar years 1948 and 1951. I can teach you how to make a dreamy old world image.

Just know it is suggested that you shoot the film, scan (or print it? The base isn't great in the fog department, but it's doable) and then burn it outside. It's Nitrite and seemingly stable at the moment, but over time could combust in theory and its best you use it and loose it. Ere on the side of caution and all that. But it's a fun experiment. (Examples of what to expect from it below, shot two days ago).

The Disc camera's battery seems to be partially working and makes a weh-weh-weh noise when you trigger the shutter.

Umm that's it I guess, re-roll the 110 and 126 cartridges for walk around fun

I'll accept best offer, the verichrome stuff goes for a decent amount on "that auction site" and that's where I got it originally, the two rolls are from the same place as the example images so I would assume the condition of the unshot film is the same (spare the unboxed roll).

I'll also accept a trade for 4x5 film of any kind or possibly something else, just make me an offer you think is fair. Plus $10 shipping CONUS.

I'll also accept any combination of the above plus a $10 donation to APUG.



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