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By chance I was watching TV5 Monde, an international French channel (in French), last night when they showed a program about women's cosmetics -- whether they work, what they're made of, how they're marketed, etc. (stick with me here...) It was interesting in part because of the psychology that goes into why (mainly) women will pay increasingly high prices for products that are primarily water. And now the manufacturers are focusing on the other market: men. As their closing segment, they showed an upscale product introduction of a new product made by -- Fujifilm! They even had a Fuji rep on screen saying that though digital was wiping out their analog film sales, they had taken all the expertise the company had developed in collagen (for film) and came up with a new line of high-priced cosmetics.

So if you're wondering what Fuji is doing reducing their film offerings, clearly they've discovered a new and much more lucrative market to concentrate on!
Fujifilm has been in the cosmetic market for several years now if not more. They have a line of products under the Astalift brand. I always call it Astialift by habit.

Of course, Fujifilm is now a massive company, totally divested from their film business. Film sales account for measly 1% of their business with chemicals 2% more. 97% of Fujifilm's revenue has nothing to do with film. This makes Fujifilm a complete success compared to Kodak as everything Kodak tried to do, failed miserably.

Fujifilm even has a pharmaceutical division, launching several life saving medicines. It is really amazing how broad a company they are now. Even their digital camera division is just a spec in their revenue books.

While Fujifilm may be a success outside of the film world, I hope that they stay true to their word and remain committed to keeping film alive as long as people are willing to shoot it. Their CEO on many occasions has voiced this commitment and I hope that he and his successor lives up to this.