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I shoot primarily slides, as it is WYSIWYG. Kodak have pulled out completely, Fuji is the only significantly company who does it. Rollei may do slides I heard ... Velvia have been pulled on large format and out goes Provia 400X. Do you think Fuji can hang onto at least one slide film? If they choose to bin slides, do you think it's going to be like Kodachrome when they may give you 1yr to develop them?

B/c film costs go up every year, I am slowly stocking up Velvia RVP in 120 size mainly, mind as well take the fuss if it is going to be shortlived or be a boutique. I shoot them sparingly as it is expensive, 5 or 10 rolls a year when I do trips.
I think Fujifilm will keep making slides for a while, but of course, it'll depend on sales. They themselves said they were open to bringing back emulsions if there was demand. I think Provia 400X was very expensive, and most people wanting a faster film are happy with C-41. Velvia 50 and Velvia 100 look practically the same to me, so having both seems odd.

I think they'll keep on going as best they can, and last I heard Velvia sales were up.

As I understand it, inflation adjusted, most films are going down in price, not up. The heyday of film I guess was the late 90s, and film is cheaper now that it was then, in some cases, a lot cheaper.

It won't be like Kodachrome, as you can make your own E6 developer if you want, and of course other companies can do it:


I'm no chemist, but I understand that developing your own Kodachrome (as colour) is very tricky, and not very practical, but E6, people do it at home all the time.