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From Smart Photography, issue July 2013:

Fujifilm enters Solar Cell Back-sheet Market

Fujifilm Holdings Corp. announced that it would begin selling back-sheets for solar cells, using technology
used to make photographic film with industrial strength. The sheets are attached to the back of solar
cells to protect them from heat, UV rays, humidity, and other elements. The company says its product will
last for 30 years as compared to the 10 year lifetime of conventional products, and will be priced 20-30%
higher. Fujifilm hopes to tap growing demand for solar energy by marketing its back-sheets to solar cell
manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Europe and the US, apart from domestic manufacturers.
I know Fuji is much more chemistry than only film, so I'm shure they made various foils before. So I don't know how this new market entry would influence film production. If at all.