The problem lies in the fact that assured international sendings from Germany are expensive. Unassured is about the half price.
Almost any company will accept to send only assured. (Although some of them begin to change their mind, they realise that the ratio of lost packages is below the profit gaining new costumers.)
On the other side, even assured shipping inside Germany is cheap. Besides, most film retailers ship at even more reduced cost or at no cost at all inside Germany. (Calumet is at no cost, Maco with reduced costs.)

Germany has a very large turkish population. Maybe you could find somebody from family or friends living in Germany who can order the films for you and send them to you as an unassured package.

If not, try another sellers from Germany, I know at about 30 of them I would recommend. Compare shipping cost.
I also know some who send unassured outside Germany, but I must look through my lists.