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Agfa have reappeared with their last film reincarnated Agfa Precisa. Where it is made is probably Japan but no one is letting on. If it is Fuji Film it is about half the Fuji price.
Agfa (the Belgian film manufacturing company) has nothing to do with this. The current Precisa was brought to market by a small German distributing company called Lupus Imaging, who owns the right to use the "Agfaphoto" brandname (nut not "Agfa", that is why you won't find the word Agfa on the box, only "Agfaphoto"). The current Precisa is a rebranded Fuji Provia 100F. They (Lupus) have also been selling off the remaining APX100 stock of the Agfaphoto bankruptcy in 2006 over the last years.