My comment on this is: " For #""# sake, this "#&// isn't "#"# helping anyone, first they kill off Neopan 400 in 120, then in 35mm, then they revive the 35mm for 9 #%# months, just to kill it again?? #%# Fuji needs to get their !"#!"% together, really #?? "

Still have 40-50 rolls of Neopan 400 in 35mm and some 40 rolls in 120, which I scraped of eBay.
Need to check my stock on Acros (keeps longest frozen anyway), I think I have about 50 rolls of that in both formats as well, but may need to stock up on some more 120, it's simply unsurpassed in quality, even the 35mm looks like 120 sometimes, what an emulsion!

Tri-x for 400 then, how ever long that will last before Kodak draws it's final breath and dies for good, after that, who the #% knows.....?
Even for a guy that shoots 50/50 digital/film, this is some frustrating stuff....!