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Thank you very much for trying it out. On mine, both 9 and 10 are set to zero as well. I cannot always reproduce my problem but when it does, it's pretty consistent. It may be scene dependent that camera fails to confuse camera movement and subject movement. With single servo mode, and with [ ] showing, it tries to refocus when I recompose.

I guess Nikon firmware wasn't as advanced as ones it uses today.

Again, thank you very much for trying it out with yours.
Since the camera was on my desk I started using it again. I put it back to what I thought was my normal mode and found it wouldn't release if I recomposed and the AF point wasn't in focus. Turns out I needed to put it back on Continuous when CSM 4 is turned on. Never noticed that before, but I rarely change settings once it's working well.

I did a little digging on this odd behavior and it seems that it's a feature called Trap Focus (maybe not an intentional feature, but people treat it as such).

I tried a bunch of settings while messing around with the thing and couldn't reproduce the behavior you are seeing. What happens in Continuous mode; does the behavior change at all?