Ok thanks, what I think I'll do is make a batch of Rodinal as previously posted and see how that goes as below:
EZ Rodinal New (Calbe R09 substitute)

To 800 ml water, add:
p-Aminophenol base 50 g
Potassium sulphite (anhyd) 300 g
Potassium hydroxide 24 g
Potassium Bromide 0.8 g
Benzotriazole 1% 10 ml
Water to make 1 litre

Is it OK to desolve the Benzotriazole in methanol to make the 1% solution and is the working solution still 1 +25 , 1 +50 etc with appropriate dev times as published by Agfa Rodinal? I have 4-aminophenol hydrochloride just recieved from Silverprint.

Your advice would be very much appreciated