This is a very interesting thread, as there are quite a number of factors which influence our photographic "metabolism". I am shooting far less colour film lately, partly because of the rising cost, but also because I am increasingly identifying myself as a black and white photographer. I am also shooting a lot more sheet film, which reduces the overall number of exposures, but generally increases the productivity of my work. Ever mindful of the growing backlog of negatives I have yet to print, I have taken to pausing a second or two before pressing the shutter to ask myself whether the photo I am framing is worth the time in the darkroom to create a final print. On top of these factors is the fact that my darkroom is in a rough cellar which I access through a trap-door in my kitchen, and which is the domain of many sinister spiders in the summertime, who like nothing better than to wait for me to turn off the lights so they can tickle the back of my neck.

Nonetheless, I still shoot some film every day. As I am sure I have said far too often, I started the photo-a-day challenge on January 1, 2010 and have not missed a day yet. I shoot more when I am on a project or am preparing a show... less when I am between.